With over 50 years of insurance experience between our partners, Insurance Solutions, LLC guarantees your satisfaction in every step of the insuring process, from identification of necessity to continuing support for existing customers. We specialize in individual and group medical products, in conjunction with our partners listed below. Please reference our biography section to learn more and get a free quote. We are compensated by the companies so there is no extra charges to you.

Need a plan for individual/family or a group of less than 5?

John Carl
Please feel free to call or e-mail John to get your own personalized quote at no cost.

Phone: 203-254-2435
Toll Free: 800-287-7790
E-mail: john@ineedaplan.com

About John Carl:
Licensed as an independent life and health insurance agent since 1992, John Carl specializes in helping the individual and small group find the best Health insurance and Medicare products for his clients.

He will help you find the best plan that meets your needs and budget based on information provided by you, the client. He will help guide you through the application process and provide professional follow-up service. As he is compensated by the insurance company, there is no fee to you for his services.

John is licensed with over 20 different insurance companies, such as, Golden Rule, Connecticare, Anthem BC BS, Celtic, Oxford Health, Assurant/TIME, Guardian Healthnet, United Healthcare, Lincoln Financial, GE Life, US Financial, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, BCBS of South Carolina, and many more.

John Carl received his LUTC degree in Personal and Business insurance in July, 1992. He received his B.A. from the University of Miami.

Need a plan for a group of more than 5?

Todd Sigmund
Please feel free to call or e-mail Todd to get your own personalized quote at no cost.

Phone: 203-256-9481
E-mail: todd@ineedaplan.com

About Todd Sigmund:
Todd started his insurance career selling individual health plans in 1989. In the early 90’s he worked to provide businesses group plans from Healthnet Inc. In 1994 Todd was instrumental in introducing ConnectiCare group health products to Fairfield County Business’s. During the mid 90’s Todd made the change from Corporate sales Agent to Independent Sales Agent to better meets the needs of his clients.

Tood is experienced in all aspects of Groups Benefit Programs and funding methods. He holds appointments from nearly 20 different Insurance companies and is licensed in multi states to better meet the needs of his clients.

Benefit Programs are becoming more and more complex, the business owner would much rather focus on the business at hand than get involved in an employees personnel medical situation. “I see myself not as a sales person but as an advocate for the business owner and their employees. I work towards a long term relationship, not just a sale today, move to the next prospect mentality.”

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